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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 16, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. ainsley is down there. bye. good morning. it is tuesday, september 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. overnight the u.s. carried out another round of airstrikes against isis just outside of baghdad, this on the heels of a serious warning to syrian president bashar al-assad. do not shoot down our planes or we will attack. we are live from washington. >> it's a shocking allegation. the department of state accused it is secretly destroying benghazi documents to protect hillary clinton, who was then secretary of state. the latest coverup the administration does not want you to hear about; we're going to tell you about. >> a tasteless take to a whole new level.
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urban outfitters has a kent state sweatshirt with blood splattered on it and holes. wait until you hear how they try to explain this one away. mornings are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox & friends," and, by the way, happy anniversary, elisabeth hasselbeck. >> that's right, ladies and gentlemen. it was one year ago today we got a new couch. >> yeah. >> and a new cohost. >> this has been an incredible year. thank you both for the opportunity. and you guys treat me like a sister. you all treat me like a friend and i could not be more thankful to fox news, roger ailes and everybody on this floor. best, best year ever, better with friends and thank you for you all. thank you for letting me be in your breakfast/kitchen room. >> since you brought that up, talking about all the maces people watch -- pleases people watch fox
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news. we would love to have you send a picture of where you watch "fox & friends." please be wearing clothes. if it's at the gym, dunkin' donuts wherever it is, e-mail them to us at or twitter us. use the hash tag "better with friends." >> i was stunned it's only been a year. think about everything that's taken mace this year. and we have a unique retrospective to end the show like none before. that's all i'm going to say. >> like battle of the network stars. >> physical challenge? >> yes. >> it's a surprise. >> and every one of them we've lost. >> i can see something in your eyes. >> that's what happens when you work with an olympian. >> we've got a busy three hours. it kicks off with a fox news alert. >> overnight the u.s. watching new airstrikes against isis terrorists, this on the heels of a serious warning to syrian
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president bashar al-assad not to talk our planes. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest details. good morning to you, peter. what do we know this morning? >> reporter: there is a new warning for syrian president bashar al-assad ahead of increased action in the skies above his country as senior administration officials now say the united states knows where its military keeps their air defense systems. and if those guns take aim and fire on u.s. warplanes carrying out missions against isis, then assad's systems will be targeted. >> we are not going to be working with the assad regime or to be sharing our plans with them, as we have in have not in the past, as you know, because we think the people we're going to be working with are the moderate opposition in syria. >> on capitol hill there will be a debate on the measure to give the president permission to arm syrian rebels as long as the president reports back to capitol hill about how
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it's going. but some lawmakers are worried the white house isn't willing to go far enough to fight isis. >> the free syrian army is being attacked by both bashar al-assad and by isis, and they have suffered hundreds of casualties at the hands of both. i know that they are not giving up their foit. i know we can make them strong and resilient. but arming and equipping 5,000 a year in the face of a 30,000-man army means that the united states of america is not serious. >> the first thing on the president's schedule today is an oval office meeting with retired marine general john allen who is now working as a special envoy to the coalition against isis. >> thanks a lot, peter. on this whole operation, this is like splitting hairs. we're going to be threading a needle because there is a danger of us being assad's air force. this is a danger of us
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wiping out isis to our benefit and safety but to the ultimate benefit of iran and assad because they would survive and they would thrive in a reformed iraq and an empowered assad. how are we doing this? training the pharmacists and doctors and dentists as the president described in saudi arabia is going to take years. >> there is a line between conversation, communication and coordination with iran. there seems to be a blurred line there as well and danger as you mentioned brian. >> we've got details of a story. it is a scandal in d.c. that threatens to derail hillary clinton. new explosive revelations from cheryl attkisson, former investigative reporter at cbs. she has now uncovered the fact that a fellow who was the former deputy assistant secretary at the department of state, a man by the name of raymond maxwell, he was so incensed by hearing
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what's going on in the defense of the benghazi probe that the a.i.b. had unfettered access to all the documents, he has come forward and saying that is not true because one weekend he went into the department of state and there was one of the people who work for him -- this was after-hours on a weekend -- in a room not normally gone to. all the benghazi documents were in the room, and the charge was this: find anything that makes hillary or anybody on the seventh floor that looks back, take it out and give it to one of hillary's pals. >> according to attkisson's investigation. we're going to speak to her at 7:15. her exclusive information coming to you on this bombshell when she says we're going to go through these stacks and put anything in the near eastern affairs department, which is what he was a part of, front office or the seventh noor in a bad light -- seventh floor in a
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bad light in the baseman level, though he says he was not invited to go to the basement level. there was zero coverage of it last night on abc, news and cbs. >> that is so weird because cheryl attkisson used to work at cbs. you would think they would be interested in it, but no. >> everyone is tuned out of benghazi right now and that pales -- it -- >> we're not. >> hope people are paying attention to the special prosecutor -- not the special prosecutor but the select committee that is going to start tomorrow with their hearing that is going to go for about three months. you know who should be most outraged about everybody? admiral mullen and thomas pickering, two of the members of the a.r.b. they said wait, i have my reputation on this. i told everyone there is no there there. now they found out they didn't get efg they needed for this investigation, they should be calling a press conference because
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they have embarrassed them. >> admiral mullen doesn't look good in this because it is reported he apparently contacted your witnesses isnd said not very good. pickering said i never would have done that. but the fact that it is not being covered by any of the mainstream media aside from fox just depicts the hypocrisy here and how mainstream media are trying to protect hillary, so says dr. charles krauthammer. >> this is really serious. this is a coverup. imagine somebody stumbled in on the nixon administration in a warehouse or in a basement in the state department sorting documents. that would have been on the "post" front page for seven days in a row. if it comes out in testimony as opposed to a news report, it will be very significant. >> it will be significant. and the key is in this cheryl attkisson report, there are other people in the room who doubtless will be called to testify. mr. raymond maxwell has already been deposed by the
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select committee. look for him as one of the first witnesses. >> from something that is not going to be sitting well with the american people now that they're hearing about it, because they didn't on the other networks last night to this. completely tasteless story. urban outfitters selling a throw back, a kent state sweatshirt with bloodstains on it. apologized saying this is not what they wanted for publicity but to go back to 1970 and allude to a time when four students shot dead, nine injured after 150 were being called to go to war and the college was going to be shut down at the time because of the they the. they said this happens to be the natural wearing of the sweatshirt. >> you notice the natural red. i guess it sold like crazy until it got pulled back.
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>> one person who purchased it was attempting to sell it for ten times the amount on ebay. >> urban outfitters has a history of coming out with t-shirts they think are clever and they put them on the market and then have to apologize for them. >> the average person who shops there is fairly young. the person who put them out there is banking on the fact would perhaps miss the message. >> there are so many people who don't know the story of kent state. >> that is a cool ohio school. i think i'll buy that shirt. >> we've got a busy morning on this tuesday. ainsley earhardt is in with us, and we start with weather. >> we do. an extreme weather alert for you. warning: millions of people in the southeast about a tropical storm headed your way. odile. the storm hit lucas with
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123 mile-an-hour winds. areas looking like disaster zones. check out these cars that are flipped over. a portion of a resort wall was taken out. a fisherman was pulled to safety by the u.s. coast guard in the gulf of mexico after bobbing for more than 30 hours in the open sea with only a life vest. he was fishing when his boat sank. i'm lost, come find me. the chilling last words from missing university of virginia student hag hag. that message was sent before the 18-year-old vanished. new surveillance videos of graham as she was walking down the hallway before she went missing. police think she was headed to a party with friends and she was drunk. today president obama will outline a major new offensive against ebola during a visit to the c.d.c. in atlanta. he'll be sending 3,000 u.s.
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military to africa to supply medical and logistical support. every marriage has its ups and downs and this couple taking it literally. >> i pronounce you man and wife. you may kiss your bride. [screams] >> the washington state couple saying "i do" atop that roller coaster at the state fair. as the bridal party cheers in the background. the happy couple met at the navy and clearly they look forward to a life of thrills. those are your headlines. >> some ups and some downs. we hope for more ups than downs. >> exactly. great metaphor for marriage. >> why would you go on a roller coaster that just went straight? like life, you look for the ups and downs. >> they're in it together.
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coming up on this tuesday telecast, a teenager in critical condition after a cop shoots him with a taser. it's all caught on camera. but did the officer overreact? we're going to play the tape and you're going to see it straight ahead. >> can you earn some cash if scotland leaves the u.k.? stuart varney here to when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at we think they're the best-fitting pants in fashion. with technology that slims and shapes and five-pocket styling. they'll be the star of your wardrobe. chico's so slimming peyton pants. we're famous for our legs. at chico's and
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scotland is split. yes, a big vote this week across the pond. scotland considering a split from the u.k. to become its own independent nation. british prime minister david cameron warned to scotland what would happen if they vote yes. >> it would mean half of scottish mortgages suddenly from one day to the next being provided by banks in a foreign country. it would mean that interest rates in scotland are no longer set by the bank of england with all the stability and security that promises. and it would mean for any banks that remain in scotland, if they ever got into trouble, it would be scottish taxpayers and scottish taxpayers alone that would bear the costs. >> what would the consequences be for the u.s.? here to explain why it matters to us, stuart varney. stuart, it would be bad for
3:18 am
the u.k. but good for us? how? >> because a scottish independent vote, if they say yes, we're splitting apart, we're separate, that would create enormous instability especially in the u.k. and for all of europe. instability anywhere in the world means hot money flows to america. the most stable, the country with real growth, a stable democracy. the money comes here. you could say an independent scotland, a vote for that would mean the money comes here. that would be good for america in a certain sense. but this instability it would create is bad news for everybody. >> scotland saying we want to be on our own. we have a lot of oil revenue, we're an established nation. we even have our own soccer team. we'll still be friends with england. >> that is par for the course. got that. but what currency are they going to use? the euro or new currency of their own.
3:19 am
what are they going to do? they don't know. are they going to be a member of the european union? if they vote for independence they're out of the e.u. and would have to reapply. what about all those independence movements across europe? the dutch speakers in belgium, they want to be separate. that creates enormous instability in europe at a time when they're all in recession and half of them are bankrupt. >> what are the ramifications to england's economy should this vote go against them? >> for england's economy, again, it is the uncertainty and anxiety of separation. >> what do they counter them with? >> nato has -- the british have the trident submarine with nuclear weapons on board. they are based in scotland. scotland has said we don't want nukes. if we go independent, we want those nukes out. where are they going to go? >> who gets the oil? and what steve wants to
3:20 am
know most of all, who gets the scotch? >> the scotch will still be a product of the world but the oil is debatable. how much of the former parent country goes to great britain? how much to scotland? it is total uncertainty. i hope they don't do it. >> it is unbelievable we have to fight for our freedom. they get to vote for theirs. >> the same people. >> from 11 to 1, what are you going to be doing? >> a lot of on the scottish independent vote. big deal. >> stuart, great to see you. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. coming up straight ahead, it is a myth of conservative women. they're meek and only defer to men. our next guest says no and she's here to prove the change in the perception. >> did the gold fish really go under the knife to avoid the final thrush? ♪ ♪
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time for some "fox & friends" headlines on this tuesday. edward snowden could be headed to switzerland as long as he sells out america again. the n.s.a. leashing may be granted -- leaker may be granted safe passage if he passes swift inquiry into u.s. spying on the swiss. a -- two soldiers receiving the nation's higher honest. benny atkins was deployed three times with the
3:25 am
special forces and donald slope was killed in action shielding fellow soldiers from an exploding grenade. his brother accepting the honor on his behalf yesterday at the white house. >> it's an expression on used by the left to describe conservative attitudes towards women. >> in the war on women, it is another opportunity for us to show that republicans just don't get it. >> republicans deny they're waging a war on women, yet they've lawmplegged a series of -- launched a series of taxes on women's access to health care. >> the war on women is real? >> i think the war on women is real. >> our next guest has a different view on the war on women and writes about it in a book. joining us is the director of the tea party news network. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. congratulations on one year. one year ago we started
3:26 am
this adventure. >> that was exciting. this book is very important this year. why did you want this to come out right now and why don't to roar? >> here's the deal. they have sold us this lie that there is a war on women. the truth is there is one but it's their waging it on us. they will go, liberal women the last person they want up against someonewant to strong with a republican or conservative voice. they can't stand it. they demonize men kind of what we've seen with bill o'reilly or governor scott walker, they'll demonize men but they never challenge you as much as they come up against the men. we've got to be conservative women and stand up. >> you just debunked one of the most popular and used myths in this war on women by the left, according to many. the second myth we want to have you debunk here which you go through in the boorchg -- book extensively
3:27 am
is republican women are fine. >> thanks to obama's economy he has given us, whether it be health care or having to afford groceries, most men and women in the house are having to work. you're seeing more women at home having to do at-home business, whether selling cosmetics or jewelry to help pay the bills. that is the trowght. -- that is the truth. as women we don't look at a glass ceiling. we just keep going. >> i spoke with the military spouse who said the military looks at army spouses as key. whether at home or in the office your role is so important. younger conservatives don't exist. they can't. it's not cool. >> here's my biggest thing. so many times we focus on the age 21 to 26, the truth of it is the majority of
3:28 am
millenials, younger conservatives are 25 to 34. they're having children, on their second house, they have three or four cars. they're dealing with common core and education. they're sitting there and having to worry about how to pay for health insurance. they are truly have to deal with conservative issues. they might not be as vocal because you remember this with small children, we don't have time to do much else to get involved in politics. but that doesn't mean we don't remember when at the voting booth. >> who is this book for? >> for every woman. if you have a man in your life, do you have a woman who is frustrated going you did not reach your full potential, you're afraid to speak out, this is the book you need to give out. >> it is "roar." you heard her roar this morning. >> coming up, sometimes they make it easy on us. cops busting teenagers after violating the drinking age. the world's highest paid
3:29 am
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3:33 am
>> give us your recipe. >> you basically take a little bit of your onion. >> you're using white onion. >> it has a little bit more sharpness, usually better to rinse it with cold water first. cilantro. >> every day is guacamole day for you? >> yeah. start crushing it up. our most popular dish. you're mashing that to blend some of the flavors. >> am i using the proper technique here? >> you're doing an amazing job. >> is guac good for you? >> definitely. avocados have all the healthy fat you want. just scoop it out. what i like to do, you can dice it in your hands without poking through and stabbing yourself. then mash out a little bit.
3:34 am
you can use a spoon to carry it around. >> you do this the whole time? >> yeah. it should still be a little bit chunky. one of the key things we add at our restaurant -- if you're not making a mess, you're not doing it right. another great thing you can do is we have a cooked salsa verde here. you can add that in. >> do you have guacamole in the morning? >> for breakfast with eggs. a great thing to do if you're hosting people is to add all these other accompaniments. bacon, cheese. >> how do you keep it from turning? if you have to make it ahead of time? >> a little bit of lime helps it from turning. some people believe if you hold the pit of the avocado in there it helps. covering it tightly with
3:35 am
plastic wrap helps. >> executive chef at dream hotel right here in new york city, thank you very much. >> thanks for putting your name on your shirt. we didn't have to use chiron. it really worked for us. >> we never forget ainsley earhardt. she starts with an "a" and starts with the headline. >> let me tell you what's happening. we have fresh allegations against minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson. already charged with a noney for hitting his four-year-old son now facing new child abuse claims. the mother of his other four-year-old son said he also disciplined that son, striking him and leaving a scar over his right eye. peterson claims he did nothing wrong and is set to play this sunday. peterson not the only one feeling the heat.
3:36 am
calls for the resignation of roger goodell. some want condoleezza rice to replace him. it is a position that you might remember she described as her dream job. caught on camera, a teenager in critical condition after a police officer is forceed to taze him during a traffic stop. cops say 17-year-old bryce masters resisted arrest prompting the use of nonlethal force but witnesses say the cops went too far pulling the boy out of his car. they say masters hit his head on the concrete but police say he exited the vehicle on his own. masters father is an officer with the kansas city police department. >> eight teenagers in wisconsin cited for underage drinking. one of the teenagers at the party accidentally dialed 911. police traced the call and
3:37 am
found the high schoolers red handed at a house when they arrived. authorities saying on their facebook page, sometimes they make it easy on us. it was a risky operation that ended swimmingly well. george the gold fish was rushed to the vet when his owner noticed that he was having trouble eating and getting around. doctors found out it was because of a giant tumor. they recommended surgery, brian, instead of flushing george down the toilet, his owner decided to put him under the knife. >> we love george. he's been great company and we've had good laughs out of him. >> his owner shelled out 200 bucks for that surgery but says it was well worth every penny. george is expected to be just fine. those are your headlines. how cute is that? >> right. and we're almost out of gold fish. we have one left. they're endangered. there's almost none left. >> his little gold fish meant the world to him. >> you gaza strip were taking a picture -- you guys were taking a picture
3:38 am
before, doing a little thing for twitter. while you guys were distracted, look what i got. when we go to maria, we'll pretend to be listening but we'll actually be eating. >> good morning. good to see you. hello everyone. we're tracking tropical storm odile that made landfall in cabo, the strongest hurricane to make landfall there. a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per hour. look at the forecast track. the area of low pressure is going to head towards arizona by late wednesday night. and we are expecting flash flooding out this. we already have areas of rain moving in across southern parts of arizona and new mexico early this morning. that landfall is forecast as we head into later on wednesday and also into thursday. so we're expecting several rounds of heavy rainfall across this area. we have flash flood watches already in effect and several inches of rain forecast, one of the hardest hit areas in terms
3:39 am
of heavy rain could be tucson in arizona. across the northeast we have a frontal system moving through, some areas of rain and we could be looking at showers here in new york city. high temperatures staying below average yet again in the midwest and great lakes. only in the 60's. let's head back inside. >> in sports, oscar pistorious is free to compete for south africa. no regulations preventing someone with a criminal record from participating. as long as competing doesn't go against the judge's ruling he can run. what else would he do? he was convicted last week of culpable homicide last week, as you know. the philadelphia eagles soaring in monday night football, taking on the minneapolis colts with under three and a half minutes left, the quarterback stepped up delivering a big touchdown pass to tie it at 27 each. eagles flying down the field once more to hit the game winning field goal.
3:40 am
philly wins 30-27. floyd mayweather is the world's best boxer and highest paid athlete and apparently a cheapskate. skimping a los angeles winner on a $22,000 check, he gave 150 people booze and wings. the waitress got left with nothing but chicken bones. it's terrible. i hate that. meanwhile coming up on radio between 9 and noon on all your local affiliates and the fox news radio and everything else, jennifer griffin and dana griffin will be live. >> coming up on this tuesday, sunset going viral. can you see what we see? we'll show you. >> is the president avoiding getting congressional approval for a war on purpose? judge napolitano walks in and says it is about
3:41 am
protecting his base. not the country. we're going to hear from you next. >> first we're celebrating our first anniversary with elisabeth and the pictures of you make mornings #betterwithfriends. peter tweets watching in my office from my office, watching on a drilling rig. >> lee writes watching with the dog. >> where do you watch "fox & friends"? e-mail us, ♪ ♪
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depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some could be life threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. it is about 15 minutes till the top of the hour. here are quick headlines for you. the f.b.i. now using facial recognition software that can pick you out of a crowd using surveillance video. programmers say it will replace the finger print
3:45 am
i.d. system by next year. it will be able to trace at least 52 million people including innocent citizens. critics say it has a low success rate. you've probably seen incredible sunsets but this might be the most patriotic one ever. the star spangled sky appearing over richmond, virginia, happening on the eve of the september 11 anniversary. the richmond nbc station first posted the photo and it is now going viral. you can see why. over to you, steve. >> that is spectacular. just last year president obama vowed to repeal a post-9/11 resolution giving the executive branch the power to declare war against al qaeda. >> we may be drawn into more wars we don't need to fight, or continue to grant presidents unbound powers more suited for traditional armed conflicts between nation states. so i look forward to engaging congress and the american people in efforts
3:46 am
to refine and ultimately repeal the mandate. i will not sign laws designed to expand this mandate further. >> now the white house is using that law they tried to repeal to justify the airstrikes launch in iraq and perhaps in syria. but is it legal for the president to do so without an okay from congress? let's talk to fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. we start with the constitution, of course. it's the baseline, the document that creates the government. and it says the president wages war when the congress declares war. we have had many instances of presidents engaging in small wars on their own. in 1973 congress enacted legislation saying he could do it for 180 days but no more, called the war powers resolution. there is a lot of complicating factors but
3:47 am
i'm simplifying it. now the president says he's threatening the government of syria if they interfere with his degrading of isisant a lot of people support him. by what legal authority can he do it? a week after his speech, he has yet to ask the congress for a declaration of war. he referred to the authorization to use military force enacted by congress in 2002 to let president bush go after the people who planned and motted -- planned and plotted 9/11. isis didn't exist pre-9/11. this resolution of 2002 cannot authorize his war against isis and he can't do it on his own for more than 180 days. so where does he get his legal authority from? he has to go to congress. why doesn't he want to go to congress? two reasons. congress will put handcuffs on him and say you can't fight a war forever. here's how we would like you to fight it and get it over with. two, the president has a
3:48 am
base on the left side of the political spectrum. he'd rather fight a war without talking about it like a secret war using drones rather than a war the public understands. he's caught in between. he's going to have to come clean one way or another. >> there is delicious irony. this administration as recently as july has been talking about getting rid of this resolution. oh, we need something. let's just use that thing from the back of the rack. >> i think that the congress for the first time in american history will enact legislation authorizing war, and the president will not have asked for it. presidents always go i need to fight this war, here's the parameters. give me a resolution. the resolution says fight. here's how it ends. they're going to do it without his asking and he may not like the end point. >> if he does use that resolution from 2002, he can say thank you george bush, again. >> yes, he can. but that resolution today is very, very doubtful, has
3:49 am
very, very doubtful legal authority and he's acknowledged that. >> they're good at that, this administration. judge napolitano thank you very much. wise words once again. straight ahead, another innocent person beheaded by isis, and the president hits the golf course. what does jim foley's parents, what do they think about that? >> we're just disappointed as americans. we think our country can do better. >> more from our heartfelt interview with the foley family in the next hour. the top dogs at olive garden fighting with their own board over bread sticks. now they're comparing the fan favorite to the other great italian masterpieces like sophia loren. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
let's go! transition. >> ready? >> that was one year ago today the launch of our brand-new and improved show with the brand-new host, elisabeth hasselbeck. we're happy she's here to continue our tradition as the number one morning cable show on all of television in news. thanks to awful you watching at home. >> one year ago. it has gone quickly. i told my daughter that. she said, mom, that means that
3:54 am
it must be a lot of fun. he said you are absolutely right about that. i couldn't be more honored. it's funny, now when the alarm clock goes off, i don't reach for a fire extinguisher. you guys have really taken me arm in arm and gotten me through all the little things that got me through most of the mornings and most of you will you are watching me there. >> it has been a first year and if you miss a little, you miss a lot. take a look at this music video. ♪ ♪ >> thank you for blessing me with a mind. such a beat you can not touch.
3:55 am
♪ ♪ >> fresh new kicks. makes you want to dance. >> hold on. know what's going on. >> this is a beat you can't touch. you can't touch this. you can't touch this. >> make pay. >> legit. either work harder or you may as well quit. >> at least you've got us. >> i would pay ten bucks just to see that in real life. >> mornings are better with friends. >> that is fantastic. >> wow. >> thank you very much to the producers who put that together. >> they are so brilliant. that was funny. >> i missed that whole thing.
3:56 am
>> when the viral video of the baby who sat in the back seat, when she heard it on the radio? >> how much fun. can't touch this. >> that is the most interesting tribute o a year review i've ever seen in my life. fantastic. so much more to come. coming up on this tuesday, a benghazi bombshell. did hillary clinton's staff try to cover up any negative reports on the attack? journalist sheryl at kissson broke the story. >> people outraged over this sweatshirt being sold at urban outfitters. the company says it's not blood at all. what they said it is ahead. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, september 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a shocking new bombshell in the benghazi investigation. did hillary clinton's state department destroy documents that, quote, painted them in a bad light and the reporter who broke the story is going to be here live. another innocent person beheaded by isis and another day the president spends golfing. do james foley's parents think about that? >> we're just disappointed as americans. we think our country can do better. >> wow. more from our heartfelt interview with the foley family. the top dogs at olive garden fighting with their own board over bread sticks. now they're comparing the fan favorite breadsticks to another great italian masterspiece. we're talking about sophia
4:01 am
loren. mama mia, mornings are better with friends. this is judge andrew napolitano. all rise. just kidding. mornings are better with friends. happy anniversary, elisabeth hasselbeck. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ we will, we will rock you >> elisabeth hasselbeck known for her full bore interviews and her hard-nosed physical competitions. today we're going to reenact your early days here at "fox & friends" back in the early 2013 with an obstacle course. steve and i were told to bring our gym clothes. >> it was one year ago today that elisabeth joined the team here at fox and one of the things we did, remember she was on survivor and she is a super athlete. so we thought we would do battle of the network stars. she kicked our patooties.
4:02 am
we're going to see if we learned anything in the last year. >> one thing we couldn't have anticipated maybe going back to iraq for a war a year ago, but that's exactly what we're talk being today. the latest chapter in our let's put together a coalition and fight isis, i guess, were we reaching out to iran? that's confirmed by the state department that we pulled them over when we were in new talks saying by the way, we both don't like isis. >> some common ground here? i didn't even know we could do that. we haven't established relations with them. i didn't think the president was reaching out to do that. we might have to worry about it because the ayatollah tweeted back. >> he sure has. on twitter he said this: i reject u.s. offer to #iran about #isis because u.s. has corruption on its hands in the issue. >> yeah. john kerry ruled out that we were going to cooperate with syria and also iran, but then dc
4:03 am
did acknowledge in the back channels we got the door wide open trying o talk to them. so what does the ayatollah do? he absolutely puts a pie in mr. kerry's face and the administration's face by saying, yeah, what they're doing behind the scenes that you don't know about, we don't agree with. meanwhile, brit hume talks a little bit in this sound bite about us relying on iran to help with isis. >> i think the last thing the united states needs to be doing is making common cause with iran in the middle east about anything. this is a country whose nuclear arsenal, if it goes forward, is as great a threat to the peace of the world as anything we can possibly imagine. if the president were to do with iran what he did with putin in syria, it seems that would make it very difficult for him to act against iran on nuclear weapons. similarly, one can only hope that we won't end up being relying on vladimir putin for
4:04 am
help in syria once again. once again making common cause with somebody who does not mean us well. >> if we blow out isis and we do it with the cooperation of iran and syria, we should just save our weaponry. it is not worth it. if you're going to let those two countries dominate a region, you'll bring in more strikes because other nations like saudi arabia, uae and other nations are going to look at that as a problem. so you're going to still have a divide and a massive war, proxy as it might in that area. and for the state department to come back and say, we are not and will not coordinate militarily, the answer is yeah, you may not because they don't want to. it should have been because we haven't reached out. >> what brit hume just said really gets to the heart on leadership, its partnership with those who have the united states' best interests at heart when it comes to isis and crushing them not as a means to then come back and get us long-term. i thought what he said had a great heart to it. >> what's going to happen? john kerry over in paris, he does speak french -- and at that
4:05 am
meeting, 26 countries agreed to fight isis, but they didn't really explain what they were going to do. no arab countries have offered to join the military campaign. the problem is saudi arabia and jordan and also the uae, they are sunni countries and they are reluctant because if they join the fight with the united states, the air strikes could actually benefit shiite governments, which we're talking about iran and syria and also iraq. so in other words, we've gotten into this. we're trying to get a coalition together to fix things over there. but actually we've gotten into a bigger, more deep feud between the factions over there. >> evidently the uae says we'll give you air strikes and jordan says we'll give you troops. but evidently they don't want to tell everybody they're doing it. >> something else completely tasteless, urban outfitters selling throwback kent state
4:06 am
sweatshirts with blood stains on it, causing uproar. they ended up apologizing, saying this isn't exactly what we intended here. but i think that the critics out here saying that is offensive really indicating that the people purchasing it may not remember 1970. there was a lot of bloodshed on the campus in the 1970s. there were four killed, nine injured. 500 campus -- 5,000 universities shut down because of it. this is a big deal and urban outfitters, the blood stain on the sweatshirt. >> and the holes symbolize bullet holes. >> they stay is just the color of the shirt, the natural wearing. >> so urban outfitters has apologized and that is their vintage kent state sweatshirt. but kent state said this: we take great offense to a company using our pain for the publicity and profit.
4:07 am
this item is beyond poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still hurts the kent state community today. when you look at that and it says kent state and you see the blotches of the red, the company says that's not supposed to be blood, it sure looks like it. but when you look at a lot of stuff urban outfitters has done in the past. in terrible taste also and have been taken down. >> you have the star of david shirt that they have, prototype image for shirt appeared to resemble holocaust patches as you see here. there is another shirt -- >> they took that down. >> one that had the words eat less on a t-shirt for women. that's all it said. >> so we asked you what you thought about it. clark wrote in on facebook this morning: i think they knew exactly what they were doing and it is sick. >> they're getting a lot of publicity. john says if you don't like it, don't buy it. that's true. >> but the free market. another saying i don't know
4:08 am
what's wrong with people these days. how can this make it to market? i'll be sure to never buy one of their products. >> what do you think about it? you can e-mail us, facebook or tweet us, #betterwithfriends. we've received hundreds of your images of where you watch "fox & friends." all over your house, we've seen pictures with your animals, loved ones, cereal. keep them coming. >> i've seen ainsley on the computer. i think she's doing the news. >> i am. i have been researching this story. an extreme weather alert this morning. millions of people in the southwest now bracing for tropical storm odile. the storm hit mexico's popular resort town of cabo san lucas as a account agree 3 hurricane with 125 mile-per-hour winds and look at that. those gigantic waves. areas now looking like disaster zones after it hit. check out these cars flipped over, then a portion of a resort wall was totally taken out.
4:09 am
a fisherman had to be pulled to safety by the coast guard in the gulf of mexico after bobbing in the water for more than 30 hours with only a life vest. he was fishing when his boat sank. i'm lost. come find me. the chilling last words from missing university of virginia student hannah graham. that text message sent to a friend early saturday morning before the 18-year-old vanished. these brand-new images of graham just leased. they were taken hours before she went missing, just before she went out that night. police think she was headed to a party with friends and that she was drunk. today they plan to focus their search on a railroad that's close to the campus. just days before scotland votes for independence from u.k., david cameron making an impassioned plea to voters. >> family is not a compromise or second best. it is a magical identity that makes us more together than we can ever be apart.
4:10 am
so please, do not break this family apart. >> the prime minister has warned voters about the potential of economic instability if the u.k. is split. the vote takes place on thursday. olive garden telling its own board to put a bread stick in it. the board thinks the wait staff hands out too many bread sticks, costing the restaurant chain millions of dollars. >> that's why we go! >> that's exactly why we go. the restaurant says the board doesn't understand italian generosity. comparing the fan favorite to other great italian masterpieces like the lady on the right, sophia loren and the coliseum. so for now, endless bread sticks will stay. >> thank you. >> today is elisabeth hasselbeck's first anniversary with the company. there you go.
4:11 am
>> steve, brian! >> open it up. i will. you didn't have to get me anything. what is going on here? aw, is this the first one that came out? >> that's the "new york times," one year ago today announcing the new line - up on "fox & friends." >> if you're really good today, we'll sign it. >> the significance to that is first anniversary is paper and that's from the most expensive newspaper in america, the "new york times." >> wow. thank you so much. that is so meaningful. that's going right in my special place in my office. you know me well! you know me well. you guys are the best. ainsley, i'm going to share these with you. >> here is enemy. >> i'm always so cold. >> in the after the show show. >> i'm not able to chew gum 'cause you don't like the gum chewing.
4:12 am
>> apparently you've changed your mind. now in the second year you can chew gum. >> this is a big step. >> it's for the after the show show. >> it's for the commercials. >> when brian leaves, he's kind enough to let me chew. >> happy anniversary, elisabeth. >> thank you. these are great. >> coming up on this tuesday, a benghazi bottom shell. did hillary clinton try to cover up negative reports on the attack? sheryl atkisson broke the story wide open and she joins us live. and oops, we told you about cnn laying off hundreds of employees. turns out that wasn't such a good idea. >> yep. they're coming back. first more of the pictures that are making mornings better with friends. "fox & friends" in the bathroom. >> with the shaving cream. >> in my recliner, in my living room having my coffee in the morning.
4:13 am
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4:17 am
yet another big benghazi bombshell raising questions about the investigation into the september 11 attack. former state department official raymond maxwell says associates of hillary clinton were involved in a scrubbing operation of documents before they were handed over to the benghazi arb, the accountability review board. investigative journalist sheryl atkisson broke the story, joins us now live from d.c good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so state department was told put all the documents together. we're going to send them to this review board. mr. maxwell walks in on a weekend, odd hours, and there one of the people who works for him, they're scrubbing the documents. anything that makes hillary look bad, they're taking out. >> he heard about this. he heard people speaking of it and he decided to check it out for himself. so he came in on a sunday in
4:18 am
this basement room. he says underneath the drivers' entrance and asked the office detector who technically worked for him but had not been consulted about her assignment what was going on and she said we are to separate, according to him, any documents that could prove embarrassing or damaging to the 7th floor and the front office. 7th floor being secretary of state hillary clinton or top advisors. he says he asked her, isn't that unethical? and he says she replied, ray, those are our orders. >> they apparently came from the 7th floor. so he's there. he's watching. there is hillary in iowa with tom harken over the weekend. so mr. maxwell is there watching the scrubbing operation and who walks in but a couple of confidantes of hillary clinton. >> he says after he was there a few minutes, in walks secretary of state's chief of staff, sheryl mill, as well as the deputy chief of staff, jake sullivan. according to maxwell, he knew both of them. he said maybe sheryl mills
4:19 am
hadn't remembered meeting him before because she sort of snapped, who is that? that jake sullivan said that's jake maxwell and she said okay. after that he says he, the employee, the office director and an intern moved into a periphery office and sorted through some papers. the papers he looked at were telegrams and cables between the tripoli embassy and the state department that had gone back and forth in those preattack months. he says he didn't feel right about it and after a short period of time, he left. >> right. he's come forward because he's heard that the irb had unfettered access. as it turns out t looks like they got a scrubbed copy of the documents. but if the story is true, and doubtless he'll be called before the select committee, perhaps destruction of federal documents and at the very least, withholding documents from congress, those are a couple of pretty big charges. >> well, i suppose it would be
4:20 am
somewhat difficult to prove. a lot of time has gone by. people had a chance f this occurred, what's alleged, to get their story straight. documents have disappeared or gone missing in other high profile cases that we know about. we'll see if they can get to the bottom of it. but congressman jason chaffetz said yesterdayhat there could be criminal referrals coming out of something like this, depending on ha they find out. it's very serious allegation obviously. >> it is a very serious allegation and what makes it curious is fox and you and daily signal are pretty much the only ones reporting this. mainstream media has other stuff to talk about. >> let me point out, we did a piece for st. clair television, which has other networks across the country, so maybe 30 million local news viewers got to see the report as well. >> that's good news. sheryl atkisson joining us from d.c keep up the good reporting. >> thank you. >> you bet. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. has standardized testing gone too far? one teacher hayes yes and riskee
4:21 am
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time for news by the numbers. 100. cnn has been order to do rehire. part of a 11-year dispute when they replace add unionized contractor with a nonunion in house team. next, 46,496,145. that's how many americans are now on food stamps. that staggering number is enough to fill new york's yankee stadium 925 times. somebody is good at math.
4:25 am
100. that's how many tickets a missouri police chief handed out, that's football tickets. the chief wanted to give back to the community, so he gave the st. louis rams tickets to residents in low income housing. what a nice gesture and they won the game. >> what a good guy. has standardized testing gone too far? critics say it cut noose classroom time while offering a few benefits to our children. our next guest risked her own job by refusing to administer a test o her kindergarten class. she won victory. joining me now, susan bowls. thanks for being with "fox & friends." this was risky on your part. why was it worth the risk to stand up and fight against these standardized tests for five-year-olds? >> the test in question had been redeveloped this year and it was requiring a lot of time that was going to be using instructional time so teachers could
4:26 am
administer the test. we were told to do it one on one and the children were this year going to be using a computer to take it using a math. with logistics of that, plus the new test format, it worked out it was going to take about a week of instructional time to test one class with no provision of what to do with the other 17 children in the class. so that would be two weeks and we administer it three times a year. so now we're talking about six weeks of instructional time lost. i just felt that was just wrong. so i took a stand. >> that was meaningful math that you did to benefit the kids and you came out victorious. but you actually went through facebook. why did you think it was important to reach out that way? >> i think just to get the word out so that it would be heard and i don't know. god kind of led me through this whole thing. so i feel like i was being
4:27 am
directed and that's how i did it. >> did you realize you could have lost your job? going up against the establishment in education isn't easy, particularly when you're in it. did you feel support and were you ready to really be fired over this? >> i was ready to be fired over it. but i did feel a lot of support. i felt like my principal, she's a real advocate for children and she is not a big fan of all of this testing. she stands up for that in her own way. my superintendent, he's very good at listening and he also thinks there is too much testing that goes on. so i did feel a lot of support there. >> do you believe that this sort of market path for other schools and teachers to take a stand and say these hours could be used to educate our children. not test them in a way that's not functional? >> i really hope that this opens up a conversation so that we can look at testing all across the
4:28 am
country and all of the grades. i think that there is too much testing that's going on and too much instructional time lost. >> how excited were the kindergarteners about this? >> they don't know. they don't have a clue. >> when they find out, i have a feeling they are going to celebrate you as many parents are. you have the kids' heart in yours. we thank you for being with us. a victory for students there. >> thank you very much. >> courageous. coming up, a high school student forced to take a breath test before a football game. good idea or going too far? we report and you decide. what happened before batman? a new show has the answer. but is it any good? kevin mccarthy on the way to the couch with the answer. hey, friend. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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we are celebrating our one year anniversary with elisabeth this morning. we wanted to see how you make mornings better with friends. we asked you to send us pictures of where you watch "fox & friends." we've gotten responses from all over the world. >> we sure have. rhonda writes, from my high school social studies classroom in fayetteville, west virginia. look at that photo. >> someone is watching our show and then giving pop quizzes. jason in kentucky writes, i start every day with "fox & friends," yea, steve. >> i'm over his mantle. brandy is a crew member aboard the cruise ship new amsterdam and currently watching off the coast of italy. do we have that image?
4:33 am
it stopped. there it is right there. how great is that? i've been checking the e-mail. i see a lot of you are working out right now. take pictures of us at your gym. if we're not on, just go and change the channel. >> be careful if you're running it. thanks for sending those. we can't wait to see more. a lot of people watching us and breathing heavy is what you're saying. >> if we're doing our job, absolutely. now, ainsley earhart has been busy working away at the news. you got big stories. we begin. >> we do. we'll start with this, the president went golfing following the beheading of james foley. so what do his parents think about that? >> we're just disappointed as americans. that's all. you know. we feel americans should be important, you know. american citizens trying to do their work abroad and we think
4:34 am
our country can do better. >> the foleys also say that they had to beg the government for any information about their son. another heart breaking case of middle school bullying led to a 14-year-old florida boy to commit suicide. the family of lamar hawkins claims that they repeatedly told school officials about the abuse. the school did nothing. >> our lives are forever changed. they pushed him down stairs, knocked him out of a chair in the cafeteria and repeatedly attacked him. >> the family had uprooted from new york to move down to florida hoping that the bullying would end there. parents in midlothian, texas, going head to head with local atheists in a fight to keep religious plaques on elementary school walls. the two plaques at the center of the heated debate, they were
4:35 am
installed nearly 20 years ago. but now the freedom for religion foundation is demanding that they be taken down, claiming they're unconstitutional. now parents are making their voices heard at council meetings. >> where we draw the line and i think our community is saying this is where we draw the line. we appreciate that. >> the school district originally covered up one of those plaques with duct tape. then they removed the tape and now they're seeking legal advice. a pennsylvania high school charging a controversial price of admission to the young football fans using breathalyzer tests. students as young as 11 years old who showed up without adult supervision to friday night's game were forced to take the test. administrators say they're working to combat underage drinking and within their rights. parents are split on this idea. >> i think if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander. why aren't we testing everyone? if drinking and driving is not good for kids, it's also not good for any of the grownup.
4:36 am
>> the school is doing everything they can to keep things safe and keep the kids safe on school property. >> some parents are saying it's over the line to test the kids who do not show any signs of being drunk. what do you think? send us y e-mail. those are your headline. >> thank you very much. let's go out to the streets of new york city. maria molina joins us and it feels like fall here in new york city. >> that's right. good morning. it does feel like fall. here in new york city, we just had the rain start. we're seeing those showers not only across new york city, but also up and down the i-95 corridor as a cold front continues to move eastward. behind that system expect to see another shot of cool air making it feel like fall yet again. i want to take you now to parts of the southwestern united states because out there we have big concerns for flash flooding. we're tracking tropical storm odile moving through central portions of the baha, california peninsula, producing very heavy rain out there. locally up to 18 inches of rain are forecast. the center of circulation with
4:37 am
the storm eventually will be moving over parts of southern arizona. especially late wednesday night into early thursday morning. so there are big concerns for flooding out there. you can already see on the radar earlier that we were already seeing those showers moving into the region, parts of new mexico and arizona. those flash flood watches are in effect and more than four-inches locally will be possible in some of those areas. just about a week ago, we picked up a little more than three inches in phoenix and we saw cars being washed away and rescues being held out there. so this is going to be a huge concern yet again over the next several days out there in the southwest. otherwise as we look at the radar, you can see the showers in the northeast and temperature wise, feeling like fall across parts of the great lakes and midwest. let's head back inside. >> backyard is full of leaves already. thank you very much. >> i'll get right on that, steve. >> please do. you've seen the billboards and trailers for weeks and it's almost here. we got a sneak peek of the tv series "gotham" in new york city last night. here to tell us what we can
4:38 am
expect from the series is fox news contributor and founder of, kevin mccarthy. >> honestly, as a kid i dreamed of living in new york city, but to be at a premiere in new york city for a batman show and then on the show with you this morning is an honor to be here. >> is batman in it or just people around batman? >> he's not in the show whatsoever, at least in the first season. this is an origin city of gothham, the city that created the heres and villains. it centers around detective jim gordon. gary oldman played him in the dark knight film. he takes on bruce wayne family. this is an earlier version. we'll see the characters who become the riddler, who become the joker, who become penguin. this first season focuses primarily on the rise of the penguin. >> isn't it kind of sad that we can't get off these comic strips and make a movie, just making a movie that doesn't have to be something from dc comics? >> right now we're in day where it's all about franchises and
4:39 am
comic books. >> no kidding. >> those are the money makers. everybody knows what avengers has done. i spoke one actress, whose character is brand new. what's funny is i spoke to her yesterday in washington, d.c. via satellite and i'm a big heavy metal fan. i grew up on iron maiden and she's a big metal fan as well. she said she was going to find me on the carpet. we have a photo of us doing our heavy metal -- here we are. she found me on the carpet. we talked about this new character that she plays in the show and whether or not she's nervous about these fans because you never know. here it is. check it out. >> good morning. >> it's all about metal this morning.
4:40 am
>> yeah! because this is an area that has not been explored yet, our dc fans have to be open to be introduced to new characters from that world that has yet to be explored. >> as you can see, we're in the same exact suit i wore last night. i haven't slept. >> she seems confident and hopeful. i think if anyone could do it, she can do it. >> totally great. i grew up on her in many films. this show premoores on monday, september 22 at 8:00 p.m. on fox, i had to talk to some of the fans about your one year anniversary. they have a little special shout out for you. check it out. >> congratulations, elisabeth. what a ride! >> congratulations one year on the show. >> happy one year anniversary from our premiere party here for "go a.m."
4:41 am
>> congratulations, girl! >> elisabeth hasselbeck, happy one-year anniversary on the show. >> elisabeth hasselbeck, one year, baby. >> the people you're seeing, that was the guy who played penguin. the kid played bruce wayne. the other guy was the riddler. as the show unfolds on fox, it's interesting to see who the characters are. they are a fan of elisabeth hasselbeck. >> i don't get out much, so i feel like i was at the premiere. thank you for doing that. >> i will give you a preview of the show. the first episode is incredible. i think shows like "breaking bad" and "house of cards" are some of the best shows i've seen. right now all the actors want to be on television. this show really, really, really surprised me. the first episode is fantastic. >> could anything match "b.j. and the bear" at their zenith? >> that's a tough one. >> i mean, that's true. >> that's a tough one. i'm with you on that. >> think about it. >> it's no "breaking bad," but
4:42 am
it's definitely up there. >> happy one year anniversary. >> very nice of you to bring the flowers. >> get some rest. coming up, the controversy surrounding adrian peterson is not cooling off. another accusation. i love this. actor bill murray quickly becoming the biggest party crasher of his generation. move over, mr. vaughn. >> first your pictures are pouring in. how do you make your mornings better with friends? john tunes in while driving his truck listening on satellite radio. >> nice shot. >> katherine writes, mornings at the gym are #betterwithfriends. they sure are. >> you're on everybody's mantle. >> she's doing air squats. th you for a second.
4:43 am
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got some headlines for you on this tuesday morning. the caught on camera edition. an air show takes a turn for the worse. look. oh, boy. the plane crashing right into the ocean in guatemala. somehow the pilot managed to walk away alive. only minor injuries. i got a feeling he's not going to do that again. actor bill murray quickly becoming one of the greatest party crashers of his generation . he knows words just like all of us. the star caught on camera at a birthday party in south carolina. party goers say the caterer is his friend. marie's birthday is this friday, so the host let bill murray blow
4:47 am
out candles on the cake. happy birthday in advance, bill murray. >> let us bring you up to date on the latest with adrian peterson. he's been accused of child abuse, grand jury found him and indicted him after an incident happened in may. but believe it or not, he's got now four-year-old child with a different mother and she's got an accusation of the same thing. hitting the child. the kid had a bruise on his head. because he didn't cause the bruise directly, he probably is not going to face charges in texas. bottom line is, the situation grows around adrian peterson. >> will he play? >> will he play? last week, the owner said preemptive strike, we're pulling him off. even though the indictment was out. this week i'm not sure -- they said you can play. >> his trial has been moved, first court appearance for this allegation to october 8 because his attorney is apparently out of the country? >> yeah. >> so he's gog have a delay of
4:48 am
game there and maybe some more answers there follow. this is really -- this has brought up a ton of controversy where spanking meets beating, is discipline to blame? is the nfl to blame? a lot of heat surrounding this topic. >> michael willbond from espn was talk being how a lot of people grow up and he offered up this observation regarding the switch. >> i think the decline in behavior in america is directly traceable to the lack of whipping with switches. your grandparents or your parents would let you pick your own. you snatch it off the tree, depending where you are. it's such a common thing of the it's like baking a pie. >> that's charles barkley's point exactly. he said if you grow up in the south, mostly he says to his point, he would know, he said african-american are going to be arrest ago whole lot of black families 'cause that's exactly what happened. >> i'm not sure how you can look at the photos of that young four
4:49 am
or five-year-old for -- when you see that switch -- five days later, still leaving marks. i don't know how you say that and say this is just because this is where we're from. this is what happened and now this new comment that we just read saying not enough of this is the reason why we have trouble. i think the eye is off the ball a bit when there is a ton of blame -- look, maybe the nfl could have done things differently. let us know what you think about that. but roger goodell, let's keep the eye on the ball here. roger goodell isn't being indicted for beating a child. certainly the difference between disciplining a child in various ways and spanking and abuse. this is really thrown the dust up in terms of how to even handle discipline with children. >> right. and mr. goodell has added some new team members at theful nfl to make sure they are more cognizant of things going on. >> yeah. they just need hard core rules for when this happens. put them in the books, get the unions to sign off on this and
4:50 am
this thing goes on automatic pilot. horrific acts they may or may not do in the future. >> depending on their level of play. if they're franchise player or guy who happened to make the roster, the punishment should be the same across the board. i think those changes will come to be. coming up, get paid to go to the gym. cheryl casone has those details, and the top companies hiring. >> on this date in 1989, gloria estefan had the number one song in america with "don't want to lose you." ♪ ♪ ok who woh, i do!t rolls? (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!)
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4:54 am
is the job hunt wearing you out? how would you like to work for a company that shuts down three times a year so everyone can just relax? here with the details and the other top companies hiring, cheryl casone. she's the same cheryl casone from the "fox business" network. >> i am the same one. i have to tell you something here, first company isn't the one where you can relax, but the first one you can eat a lot. eat all you want, eat all day. edible arrangements. you can eat all the fruit, which i would recommend, or the chocolate covered fruit. they've got 1200 franchise locations and have been growing over the last ten years and birthdays are the most popular day for edible arrangements. they've got the most volume on everybody's birthday. they're now look for a chief birthday officer. reaching out using social media, connecting with birthdays, trying to change the way we celebrate birthdays. it's going to pay pretty well. based in the west coast and they have health benefits and things like that. they need engineers and things.
4:55 am
>> management, customer service, things like that. we got experts there. what about quirky? >> that is the company that takes a lot of breaks. this is a san francisco company. of course it is. they've got 80 jobs, developers, people that can do electrical engineers, developers. go to their web site to learn more about it. it's where people take an idea and try to get your idea, with the help of the quirky staff and their community into a target or wal-mart. you ever have a great idea for something? >> yeah. >> how did that go? >> i keep it to myself. >> go to quirky and try them. >> columbus casting. >> american made steel. there is nothing better than an america than making steel. they need welders, skilled machinist, chippers, molders. this is the same company that's been doing this for 112 years and they pay from 13 to $26 per hour. >> i love your last one. title boxing. >> that was in my tease.
4:56 am
you can burn, if you've ever taken a kick boxing class, 1,000 calories an hour in one of these classes. these things are exploding. we'll do more about this next week. 500 plus job opportunities coming up. they need sales service, trainers and managers. this can be a franchise opportunity. they're one of the top franchises right now listed in the country. they've got 141 locations. so people are really trying to get more fit in the traditional gym model is expanding to people like that. >> fitness jobs? >> we'll have a great in-depth look at careers in the fitness industry with tons of examples. we'll be joined by a lot of people next week. >> that's another exploding industry out there. >> i'm finding so many fitness jobs. >> thanks so much. >> now i got your boxing reference. coming up, the white house sending a stern warning to bashir assad, do not shoot down our planes or we will attack. why should they listen? laura ingraham weighs in next.
4:57 am
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and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. good morning. it is tuesday, september 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. did hillary clinton's state department destroy documents that, quote, painted them in a bad light in the benghazi attack? laura ingraham here in moments to discuss. meanwhile, stranded at sea for 30 straight hours in the middle of a hurricane. the dramatic rescue caught on video as it happened. now millions of americans bracing for more of that particular storm. >> it's raining here. have you seen this sunset? do you see what we see? the story behind this patriotic sky. now it's just me. mornings are better with friends
5:01 am
>> you're watching "fox & friends." elisabeth hasselbeck is on the show? i haven't met her yet. ♪ ♪ >> it was one year ago today that we got a new friend by the name of elisabeth hasselbeck. you know her from "survivor" where she did stuff like that inflatable thing. throughout the year, we have challenged her to various physical challenges. >> and lost. >> and lost. >> not all n today once again, it's raining on that battle of the network stars device out there. this is going to be slippery, but we'll do our best. >> we're doing it anyway? >> we're doing it anyway. >> are we? >> we're like the postman! >> #rematch. >> no play in the rain. i'm not allowed. >> okay, brian. we'll do it for you. that's coming up this hour. we start this hour with a fox news alert.
5:02 am
overnight, the u.s. military struck at isis, southwest of baghdad. we're now up to 162 air strikes. laura ingraham joins us from our nation's capitol. laura, it's curious, eventually we're going to have to go into syria and have to try to take out isis. we made it very clear yesterday to syria, hey, if you shoot at our jets, we're going to blow you up. >> so i guess we'll be in a two-front war if that happens. so we'll be fighting against the islamic rebels and against the government of syria that's also fighting against -- >> everybody there. >> the enemy of the enemy is my enemy? >> and syria and iran benefit. >> right. >> first of all, most importantly, congratulations, elisabeth, for a year of putting up with these two guys. >> i know you well enough to know -- you're funny.
5:03 am
>> i know what it's like. with those guys, you really deserve more than just a plaque that you got from fox. >> as a tribute, you're wearing the same dress. >> guys, i'm serious. think about this, some of the same people, we're saying we got to arm the good rebels. they're the same people and a lot of them are republicans, who said that the training of the iraqi military was moving in a really positive direction. they were becoming self-sustainable, that they would be able to handle their own security issues with just a little bit of help from us. so forgive me if i'm not completely bowled over by their logic about the pro-iranian rebels who exist on the ground. i'm sure there are some good people mixed in, but i personally have very little confidence in the obama administration's ability to separate the good from the bad on the ground. you add the mix in with bashar
5:04 am
al assad saying that, well, if you come anywhere near our aircraft or our military operations, we're coming after you. i understand that would probably happen, but i think again, we have to think about what exactly we're doing in syria. in a very sober way, without regard to democrat or win or what happened under bush, but whether this quote, objective is achievable given the players on the ground, the money this is going to cost, the lack of congressional authorization to go back to war, and how unstable the middle east became after the last engagement in iraq, and how further unstable it could become if iran becomes the dominant power, which could happen if this thing tips the wrong way in syria. i'm extremely concerned. i want all these islamic state people destroyed and killed. but i'm extremely concerned about going back to war in the middle east. >> i always love when i talk to a military guy and hear their plan and they move the needle up and i think, i never thought of
5:05 am
that or never thought of this. the administration is counting on the free syrian army. john mccain loves them. general keane thet hem and says fine. you know who doesn't love them? the president! he says it's a fantasy to think they exist. they're a bunch of pharmacist, dentists and doctors. now the president says they're so good, we're going to train them in saudi arabia. now, it takes about a year and a half to train them. what do we do in the meantime? if we're going to bomb isis, fine. why don't we hit them in the middle of the town? we're bombing the fringes of the area. why are we bombing them directly? >> again, i'm not a military expert. but i do believe that the american people need to understand what the potential pitfalls are of how we're engaging in this nonwar war. at the end of this, are we going to be a stronger nation? a more secure nation? are we going to be a nation that's on a better economic track? or are we going to be further
5:06 am
degraded, more debt that we have to pay off to china? is china going to be emboldened to be able to move to where they want to? i find all of this to be incredibly disturbing. i don't really believe any of the people's comments -- i don't know about the free syrian army. i don't know if these guys are the next james madisons and thomas jeffersons. i have my severe doubts about that. i for one would not want to spend a single penny on the free syrian army or on -- in this type of foggy engagement which we're about to embark on now. so i know the world seems weird -- >> they're beheading americans. >> brian, i think we have to be very careful, right? i'm emotional about it, too. i want to go in and get them all. but that was our attitude ten years ago in iraq. we're going to get those guys. you know, it can't be just reacting because of the emotion. we have to react in a way that helps the american people and
5:07 am
our security. >> the argument was there were great gabes made in iraq and we left in a way -- >> i'm not sure about that comment either. but okay. >> you said this obviously was bugging you, this is a big deal. we want to continue to do that. so earlier steve was speaking with sheryl atkisson, investigative reporter who said the bombshell that just occurred, but no other networks were covering it about the cleaning up of documents by hillary clinton's people. >> unbelievable. >> listen to what she had to offer. >> he heard about this. he heard people speaking of it and he decided to check it out for himself. so he came in on a sunday in this basement room. he says underneath the drivers' entrance and asked the office director who technically worked for him, but he had not been consulted he says about her assignment what was going on of the she said, we are to separate, according to him, any documents that could prove embarrassing or damaging to the 7th floor and the front office. 7th floor being secretary of
5:08 am
state hillary clinton, her top advisors. >> he is raymond maxwell, long-time former deputy assistant secretary of state. he heard that they were scrubbing the documents because for that arb, accountability review board, they said put all the documents together. but before they gave them to the blue ribbon panel, they went through them piece by piece, yeah, this makes hillary looks bad. let's put that there for the shredder. >> good document for hillary. bad document for hillary. guys, first of all, we should understand, if these allegations are true and i haven't had a -- i'd love to cross examine mr. maxwell, if these allegations are true, we are talking obstruction of justice. we are talking potentially for each count of obstruction, five years in federal prison. this is not a joke. this is not a fox obsessed with benghazi. this is a civil servant who was an obama supporter, an obama contributor, donor, gave money to the obama campaign, who was
5:09 am
scapegoated, according to him again -- i'll say if it's true -- was scapegoated as one of the people responsible for the failures and security at that compound. so think about it. if by any means necessary it's a clean-up mission. remember the wolf in "pulp fiction"? remember that character, he had to clean up the bloody car? that was his job. he had to clean it up, make sure there was no evidence, right? if these people were complicit in the obstruction of this congressional investigation, that is a felony. this is no gray area there. if a person gave that order that, is obstruction of justice. this is something eric holder, who is running all around the country investigating individual police action, if eric holder was not a biased individual as i know he is when if comes to these issues, he would have a special investigator right now at the state department. i'd go to the state department's
5:10 am
counsel's office. were they there? were the lawyers at the state department in this document review? because they should have been. i don't know about this joggers entrance, it all seems kind of -- i didn't know there was a joggers entrance to the state department. but it doesn't bother me it was a weekend review because i did document productions in my old law firm. those are done sometimes on the weekends. it's a question of moving the documents aside. that is obstruction of justice if that allegation is correct. so we better see a lot more investigation and questioning of mr. maxwell on this. >> absolutely. >> i'd love to have do you that. >> i'd love to do it. i'd love to go back to the law. i'm a little rusty, but not that much. >> laura ingraham joins us once a week. today was the big day on elisabeth's anniversary. >> congratulations, elisabeth. >> thanks. >> go do your radio show now. >> all right, i will. time for the news. ainsley earhart. >> we love having you here. been such a fun year. >> i'm happy here. >> happy anniversary. let's tell but this extreme --
5:11 am
weather warning. odile hit cabo san lucas as a category 3 hurricane. the gigantic waves there. areas looking like this now, disaster zones. check out the cars that are flipped over and a big portion of a resort wall was taken out. a fisherman had to be pulled to safety by the u.s. coast guard in the middle of that hurricane. he was bobbing in the gulf of mexico for more than 30 hours with just a life vest. the storm totally sunk his boat. i'm lost. come find me. the chilling last words from missing university of virginia student hannah graham. that text message sent to a friend early saturday morning before the 18-year-old vanished. these brand-new images just released taken hours before she went missing. police think that she was headed to a party with friends and that she had been drinking. today they plan to focus their search on a railroad close to the campus. just days before scotland votes for independence from the
5:12 am
u.k., david cameron making an impassioned plea to voters. >> family is not a compromise or a second best. it is a magical identity that makes us more together than we can ever be apart. so please, do not break this family apart. >> the prime minister has warned voters about the potential of economic instability if the u.k. is split. the vote takes place on thursday. call this one the most patriotic sunset ever. the star spangled sky appearing over richmond, virginia on the eve of the september 11 anniversary. this photo was sent in to the local nbc station by a viewer and it is now gone viral. look at that. it does look like an american flag. showing truly that god does bless america. those are your headlines. small little ways god reminds us he's in control. >> coincidence? god's way of working
5:13 am
anonymously. >> a lot of people say there is no coins dents. >> thank you. >> i love that god wink. coming up on this tuesday, a new report says president obama is ignoring his general's advice when it comes to eliminating isis. just how dangerous is that? >> robin thicke is making bank office hit with pharrell. but he may have blurred the truth a lot because of drugs? the story behind the music ad. first more pictures of your making mornings better with friends. john tweeted us this, watching from my man cave in southern california. love you guys. >> and here is where i watch "fox & friends." from the curvy couch. that's what i'm looking at right now. ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
when it comes to combating isis, it seems president obama may be ignoring the advice his top generals. that according to the "washington post." general lloyd austin, top commander of u.s. forces in the middle east, said that his best
5:18 am
military advice was to send a modest contingent of american troops, principlely special ops to advise and assist iraqi army units in phiing the militants. obviously this is not happening. so how did the military leaders feel about being sidelined? i'm joined by general jerry boykin. what's the igsignificance and the disconnect between the white house and the pentagon? >> the president has an agenda that's really not focused on winning. it's not focused on being successful in this war that we have been in. these professionals in the military, they have only one mission and that's to fight and win the nation's wars. they are very disappointed when they see a feckless, lack luster policy from the president of the united states that squanders the blood and treasure because they've commanded those troops that have been wounded and lost their lives there. they want to win, brian.
5:19 am
>> right. so the president disagrees with his military advice. he says there needs to be some on the ground presence there with the forces, whoever they are, syrian free army, iraqi forces, kurdish. but so far the president wants them pulled back. what's the big deal with that? >> well, i don't want to have to try and explain what this president is thinking. look, first of all, we need to understand that isis is more than just a military capability. it's also a theology. when the president started his speech last week with isis is not islam, it kind of -- the rest didn't matter a whole lot because he's not recognizing what motivates this enemy to do what it does. so the whole strategy, i think is flawed. we can not destroy isis, regardless of what you may be told -- we can't destroy isis. we can hurt them. we can degrade their capabilities.
5:20 am
we can protect the kurds and in the northern part of iraq and we can do a lot of things, but we can't destroy them with the strategy that he has laid out. >> real quick, if you're a general and worked your whole life for this moment and don't agree with the policy, think it can be catastrophic, should you take off your stars and quit? >> absolutely. look, johnson, the former chief staff of the army, said his greatest regrets was thatgrets e didnnd johnson's table over the issue of activating the guard and reserve. he lived to regret it. i think some of these leaders today are going to live to regret not resigning in protest to make a statement to the american public as well as to the administration. >> general boykin, and you lived through blackhawk down and so many other years. thanks for your service and insight this morning. >> thank you, brian. good being with you. coming up straight ahead, caught on camera, the moments as her mother let's her baby's
5:21 am
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we've got quick consumer headlines for you. what annoys you most when flying? according to a survey, 35% of passengers hate people when they recline their seats in front of them. next on the list of travel nightmares, smelly passengers and those who let their kids run wild. here is a tip from marriott hotels, leave a tip. starting this week, the hotel chain will put gratuity envelopes in its rooms because research shows around 30% of guests leave nothing for
5:25 am
housekeepers. marriott suggests leaving one to $5 per night depending on the room rate. and olive garden telling its own board to put a bread stick in it. the board thinks wait staff wastes millions of dollars on bottomless bread sticks. but the restaurant says the board just doesn't understand italian generosity. comparing them to great italian masterpieces like sophia loren and the coliseum in rome. speaking of rome -- >> when times get rough and the world is in a mess, some people feel hopeless. father jonathan says there is a positive side that many of us are missing. you actually have a phenomenal new book out that i'm thrilled to read, thrilled to share. now is the perfect time for it called "the way of serenity." why did you write it?
5:26 am
>> you could either read this book or eat another bread stick. honestly, things are tough and there is chaos in this world. this prayer, the serenity of prayer, so many people know it, whether it's through aa or having it in the bathroom growing up. >> what is it? >> lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, like working with brian -- the courage to change the things i can, and then the wisdom to know the difference. i believe it is a window into the heart of god, of coming to the peace and serenity of god. i wrote this book about each one of those areas, what it means to accept and not only just passively accept, but to embrace the things we can't change and then what does it mean to have courage and then discernment, wisdom. >> sure. in the book, you write -- would you like to read the passage from your pack? >> let's see if i can do it. serenity we pray for is
5:27 am
wholistic. it encompasses all of who we are. this serenity is related to a deep-seated confidence that all the important things in our life are going to be okay. or they're going to be okay because god is there with us and he's by our side and he knows what he permits and why he does so. the serene soul rests in the certainty of being loved and cared for by the perfect lover, god himself. >> that's beautiful. >> god's got it, about surrender. is that what i'm hearing? >> yeah. it doesn't mean everything is going to go okay in the little things, oar how we would like. >> and the little things are what bug us. there are big things in life and then there are little things. it seems like so many of the little things bug us and they ought not to. >> like the airplane problem that we had. the guy next to me smells and they keep reclining their chair. >> relatable. >> that's right. that's exactly why i wrote this book. for the big things in life like that.
5:28 am
>> but you could apply this prayer for that, keep you calm and feeling more serene as you would with major things happening. we're in a tough time in the world right now. this is applicable for those people on the plane, for anybody facing even persecution right now for their faith. >> it's true. i think you see people who suffer tremendously and who at the core are peaceful. then you find people who are like a lot of us, like all of us, can get really bugged by little things. the guy sitting next to you on the plane. >> reporter: or on the curvy couch. >> go to or nitwitter and i hope it's a blessing. it's such a blessing for me to even be able to talk to people in this way. >> it must be a pretty good book because cardinal dolan has endorsed it. >> i had insight. >> all right. "the way of serenity." >> thanks, guys. coming up, sometimes they make it easy on us. that's what cops said after busting teen-agers drinking underage. why? because the biggest party foul ever is just ahead.
5:29 am
and robin thicke accused of blurring the truth about his success and his song. but first we're celebrating our one year anniversary with elisabeth and you're sharing pictures of you making mornings better with friends. anna tweet, quote, watching with the dog. again, we're big animal fans. >> another tweet, watching from space. hi, guys. hello. look at that. >> spain. >> global morning. >> i took german. i don't know any spanish. ♪ ♪
5:30 am
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5:33 am
let's go! transition. ready? >> wow. that was one year ago today, believe it or not. the launch of our brand-new show with a brand-new host, her name, elisabeth hasselbeck. >> i hear she's strange. >> what happened to those? anyway, we're happy that she's here to continue our tradition as the number one capable morning news show in all of tv around the world. thanks to all of you watching at home. >> let me ask you something, when you were walking down that hall, what were you thinking? >> i was so excited. >> were you? >> i didn't want to spill that coffee. >> you had the coffee. >> don't drop the ball or the coffee. unbelievable thankfulness each day i'm here and today as well. we have the most outstanding production team, writers, directort perfect proof of what you're talking about. great producers. brian tully, who works on the
5:34 am
show every day, has been sitting in a dark room for a month. >> at least. >> to put us in a gig in this music video. cue the music. ♪ ♪ >> music hits me so hard ♪ ♪ thank you for blessing me with the mind to rhyme ♪ ♪ feels good when you know you're super dope girl from downtown ♪ ♪ this is a beat you can not touch ♪ ♪ i told you home boy ♪ can't touch this ♪ fresh new kicks ♪ advance moves like that make you want to dance ♪ ♪ catch the beat ♪ hold on ♪ like that, like that ♪ you are too much ♪ this is a beat you can't
5:35 am
touch ♪ ♪ you can't touch this ♪ you can't touch this ♪ a problem, make pay ♪ legit, either work harder or you might as well quit ♪ ♪ at least you've got us. >> i would pay ten bucks just to see that in real life. >> mornings are better with friends. >> hats off to thomas mann, he was the editor on that and he was -- i said brian tully was in a dark room for one monday. thomas manns that a dark room for two months putting that all together. >> how much fun is that? can't touch that. thank you very much, hammer. >> well done. and on this first anniversary for elisabeth, we've been asking you how you make mornings better with friends. how you watch the show and where. jen tweet, we watch every morning from the hair chair while we're getting ready for school in southeast kansas.
5:36 am
>> everyone's got a hair chair. sometimes it doubles as a breakfast chair. >> liz writes, watching from my log cabin lincoln style. >> how great is that? >> beautiful. >> thank you for sending them. >> they got a flattie there in the log cabin. >> it is so nice to see where everyone is joining us from their homes. it's been a fun year. >> i would like to do this all week. can we have this all week? we'll keep them on line. >> and if you watch at the gym and they don't have fox news channel on the gym, ask to change the channel. if it's okay with the person at the gym, just leave it up there and put it on there every time you're there. >> here is a hint, even if it's not okay, 'cause people just -- >> you got to ask. >> not really. you could just -- you have your own television on your own machine sometimes. >> i would crank the volume. >> that's your assignment. we start this half hour with a
5:37 am
fox news alert and ainsley earhart. >> there has been a train derailment. huge fox news alert, the freight train derailed near tucson, arizona. cars are piled on top of each other and at this hour, union pacific workers are trying to put some of those cars back on the track. it was enroute from houston to los angeles. officials say there was severe weather in that area when it happened. the cause is now under investigation. thankfully there were no injuries and nothing hazardous was being transported at the time. another heart breaking case of middle school bullying leading to a 14-year-old florida boy to commit suicide. lamar hawkins' family says they repeatedly told the school officials about the abuse. but nothing was done. >> our hearts are broken and our lives are forever changed. they pushed him downstairs. knocked him out of his chair in the cafeteria, mocked him due to his size and repeatedly attacked him with an intent to
5:38 am
emotionally harm him. >> the family even moved from new york to florida hoping that bullying would end there. busted by the butt dial. eight wisconsin teen-agers at a house party are cited for underage drinking after one dialed 911. police traced the call and found the high schoolers red handhood they arrived and on their facebook page, authorities wrote, sometimes they make it easy on us. robin thicke wasn't blurring any lines when testifying about how he came up with his hit song. ♪ ♪ i know you want it >> the singer currently on trial accused of ripping off marvin gay's "got to give it up" when creating his song" blurred lines." but he claims i was high on vicodin and alcohol when i showed up at the studio and admitted pharrell had the beat and he wrote almost every single part of that song. the drugs and alcohol are what
5:39 am
led to thicke's wife leaving him. those are your headlines. >> lot of blame going around there. >> that was like the biggest story of the year last year. it looks like it's pouring outside. so we've dispatched maria molina outside where she is manning her weather post with an umbrella. >> yeah, that's right. it's really coming down out here in the city. we have a lot of clouds and those showers are moving not just through here, but also across other portions of the northeast. i want to take you first farther off toward the west because we are expecting some areas of heavy rain across parts of arizona and also in new mexico. we're tracking tropical storm odile. right now that storm system is moving through portions of -- central portions of the baha, california peninsula. out there it's produce strong winds. we're look at maximum sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. eventually it will weaken. but head towards arizona and flash flood watches are in effect out here because we have rain moving through now and
5:40 am
that's going to continue for several days. the heaviest of the rain should arrive as we head into wednesday night and through the day on thursday. we could be looking at locally more than four inches of rain that could cause significant flooding out there. otherwise, you can see those showers moving through new york city and areas farther off toward the north and temperatures, very falllike across parts of the great lakes and midwest. in the 60s. new orleans, 87 degrees. not bad. 90 in dallas. across parts of california, especially in southern california, very warm, 95 degrees in l.a. and dry conditions are in place there. we need the rain out there. let's head back inside. >> give us the forecast for our obstacle course. how hard is it raining? >> there is about 100% chance of defeat. it's really coming down. it looks more like a slip and slide. >> that will make it more interesting. maria molina, we'll be on the
5:41 am
obstacle course in a couple minutes. >> let's vote about this story, oscar pistorius is known for how quick he is and now free to compete for south africa again. the olympic committee has no regulations preventing someone with a criminal record from participating as long as competing doesn't go against the judges ruling, he can run. a sentencing hearing is set for next month. imagine that. he was convicted of culpable homicide last week in the killing of his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the philadelphia eagles soaring on monday night football and came back to do it. eagles quarterback stepping up, delivering a quick score to tie the game up at 27. the eagles flying down the field get the winning score. seconds later, final score 30-27. a huge win for philadelphia. mayweather is the highest paid athlete and a cheap skate when leaving a tip. he said a $25,000 check
5:42 am
following a $32 million fight and he left the waitress nothing. nothing at all. >> how many people were there? >> 150. >> wasn't the service included in the bill? >> apparently not. >> do you think he may be bringing it by today? >> put it this way f the service was bad, they would have tweeted out, hey, trio do a preemptive strike. do you know how hard these people work on a party of 150? >> at the average restaurant, if you got more than 50, they automatically put it on. >> they just passed their own rules. >> every waiter out there has got to be outraged. >> what would be the appropriate percentage? >> now it would be 100% after that. >> it sure would. listen to this, caught on camera, the dramatic moments a mom let's her baby's stroller roll onto train tracks. the daring rescue you are not going to want to miss ahead. and it's a risky operation, but to the owners it was worth it.
5:43 am
did this gold fish really go under the knife to avoid the final flush? a sick gold fish can be cured. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ susan ] my promotion allowed me to start investing for my retirement. transamerica made it easy. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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now to some stories that are trending on line. a toddler in his stroller falls onto those train tracks. radio at that. the stroller rolled off the platform as the mother was picking something up. with the help of others, the two-year-old was pulled to safety. he was not seriously injured. and call this risky operation a swimming success. george, that little cute goldfish, was having trouble eating and getting around in the fish bowl. so his owner took him to the vet who discovered a giant tumor in george. the surgery cost 200 bucks and the owner says it was worth
5:47 am
every penny 'cause george is doing fine. and actor bill murray quickly becoming the greatest party crasher of his generation. bill murray caught on camera at a birthday party in south carolina. party goers say the caterer was his friend and he just wanted to have a lot of fun. now to a fox news alert. president obama will outline a major new offensive against ebola today, getting ready to send thousands of military personnel to west africa. wendell goler has the details. >> reporter: the president will head to the centers for disease control in atlanta this afternoon for a briefing on the ebola outbreak and likely announce his decision to send several thousand servicemen and women to liberia to set up 17 mobile hospitals and train up to 500 health care workers a week. the outbreak spreading so fast, liberian officials say there is literally not a single bed
5:48 am
available. there have been close to 4,000 cases, half the patients have died. the world health organization and doctors without borders have been calling for help. josh earnest says the key is to control the epidemic before the virus mutates and becomes more easily transmittible. >> if we fail to respond to this, then we allow the virus to spiral out of control, there is the potential that it could mutate in a way that could end up being dangerous for people back here in the u.s. right now the risk of an ebola outbreak in the united states is very low. but that risk would only increase if there were not a robust response from the states. >> reporter: u.s. called an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council thursday. it's the second time the council has ever dealt with a public health issue. samantha powers asked member states to come with concrete commitments to deal with the outbreak which is worse than liberia, but is also causing deaths in sierra leone, nigeria and guinea.
5:49 am
>> thank you, wendell. coming up, elisabeth has been with us now for one year today. so no more mr. nice guys. brian and steve are challenging her to an extreme obstacle course in the pouring rain. coming up next. first let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. hey, bill. >> looks like a great time actually. >> i know. >> we should join them. good morning to you. the president has his own war on terror. how will he fight it? karl rove, general jack keane, democrat will sound off. who did what with benghazi documents? was the fix in at state? we will see you in ten minutes. we'll see you at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪
5:50 am
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♪ ♪ >> what better way to celebrate a one-year anniversary than with a little friendly competition? >> you mean like last year? >> exactly. one year ago we were competing and now we have pure misery is the name of the obstacle course, from insane inflatables. they brought it by today to put us to the test again. >> but first, it doesn't look like a year ago. watch. >> a year end review. >> folks at home, keep in mind it is raining here.
5:54 am
>> use your hands! use your hands! oh, my goodness! >> the mud event. they had to crawl underneath the wire. it's not far. but it's still a wire. >> brian is still stuck! come on, brian! brian cheated again! all right -- oh! oh! ainsley and john, good job putting that together. so during the last year we've had many physical challenges. however, i must admit, today is the worst conditions yet. the entire field is sopping wet. in every low spot there is a foot of water and it's a perfect way to salute your first day. >> it's the way we joke. >> ainsley earhart, you will do the play by play with kevin! >> it is a remooch. once again, it's going to be men
5:55 am
versus women. elisabeth and maria versus brian and me. >> kevin and i are going to be watching. >> ainsley, you start us off. three, two, one, go! >> all right. come on, brian's got the lead. come on, elizabeth! all right, elisabeth catching up! brian and elisabeth hitting the wall! they're getting wet! all right. brian's got the lead! brian, be careful! where is elisabeth? there she is. good job. brian is going over the hump. elizabeth is not far behind him! we didn't give them the microphone. who is coming down? brian! it's so wet, it's tough to get over the hump. wooo! oh, my gosh.
5:56 am
are y'all okay? you okay? >> gosh, what a trooper. stay up there, steve. >> are you okay? >> in the perfect world, this is where the other mat would go, instead of cement. >> she land right on the cement. >> all right, everybody. i'm coming down! >> stay up there. can we catch them? >> i'm going to need more than her! >> we'll do this together as a team. >> i'm staying up here! >> back in a moment! this is "fox & friends." elisabeth hasselbeck's first an verse show. >> not going to do it!
5:57 am
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5:59 am
6:00 am
okay. during the commercial i came down. you know what, elisabeth? we've had a year of challenges. this was one of the biggest ones. congratulations once again. >> you did a great job. >> happy anniversary. >> brian is off to radio. bill: a fox news alert. the first wave of airstrikes taking place against isis in iraq starts overnight. good morning. will the battle with isis drive our country into a fight with bashar al-assad? >> reporter: for the first type the united states is on offense against


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